In recent years, 4231 and  cheap nike air max classic bw 433 tactical system has gradually become the mainstream tactic in world football, placing an arrow figure on the number of teams in the strikers, with two wingers for his transporting ammunition. Tottenham is without a doubt an example of that year, tall and wait for buy nike air max tailwind 6  the opportunity to crouch on the other side of the penalty area, speed of Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon to his cross. Peter Crouch can shoot, can also be behind the ball to Rafael van der Vaart. Then Tottenham attacking from the flanks, but Rafael van der Vaart will always have a good sense of play, and Peter Crouch, the fulcrum of this effect is related. This tactic was popular, but have a powerful Centre-half team, winger can't score.

Because Maedl Hand ball in the penalty nike air max 95 men's  area, Verona in just 3 minutes after inter's go-ahead score, gaining valuable penalty from veteran Tony penalty opened the scoring in the first half. Tony is running slower, had intended to run in the middle of halt, shaking buy womens nike air max 2011  up Samir handanovic's centre of gravity, then push the ball into the lower right corner of the goal. But Handa didn't eat Hoang, Tony completed when you push down, put the ball out his hands, other equaliser later.

For this game, I've been very  nike air max 90 womens sale relaxed. Yesterday, I said, my take on the Roman, the lads are confident. "Garcia said in an interview with the Sky Sports," by means of the ball, kicked out his true passion and runs horizontal. In this game, everyone's physical condition is very good, and scored some wonderful goals. "For Roma, this victory is very important because the two lost to Bayern Munich. "As I said, one or two games to change anything. According to this plan, we have carried out 16 months, this is a long-term plan.